Protocol for in-person tutoring and coaching

November 9, 2020

In order to ensure the safety of our students, families, and tutors, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Students shall be dropped off at the building entrance.  Tutors for the younger children will meet them at the outside door.

  2. Parents and caregivers will need to wait for their children outside of the building. We will re-open the waiting area when it is safer to do so.

  3. Students will immediately wash their hands in the Services Building restrooms, following safe guidelines while doing so (wet, lather, soap for a minimum of 20 seconds, rinse).  Tutors/coaches will also do so.  The alternative would be to use hand sanitizing wipes.  

  4. Both tutors and students will need to wear masks when entering the building and for the entire time of each session.

  5. There will be no use of office fidgets, as this would be an excellent way to spread germs.  Students are welcome to bring fidgets from home, as needed. 

  6. Tutors/coaches will use the provided wipes and disinfectant spray to clean all common areas before meeting with each student (table surfaces, doorknobs, light switches, whiteboards, markers, etc.)

  7. When paying by check, please place your check in an envelope and have your child bring it inside to give to his or her tutor/coach OR bring it to the Front Office Building and leave it with the receptionist there. 

  8. When your child’s session is over, and you might like to chat with your tutor/coach, please do so outside, all parties wearing masks, and at a safe distance of six feet apart.

  9. When our community moves into the level yellow (concern) or level orange (high risk) zones, coaches are encouraged to move sessions to online unless deemed necessary for the child to continue meeting his/her coach in person.  If meeting in person, continue to follow guidelines 1-8 AND coaches should maintain 6 foot distance with masks for the majority of the session.  Coaches may move closer to the student for brief amounts of time to look over the child’s shoulder, point to a document, etc.  

  10. Once our community moves to level red (stay at home), all coaching should be either suspended until the code red is over or move to online sessions.  

Thank you to students, families and tutors for adhering to these guidelines so that we can once again offer in-person sessions with our valued kiddos!!!



Your Essentials in Learning Team