We work directly with students, parents and families to provide strategies for student success both at home and at school. Examples include:
  • environmental modifications
  • motivational strategies
  • scaffolding
  • role-playing
  • checklists for daily routines
  • improving emotional control
  • working with the schools ...
And Much More!

Academic Coaching for Executive Skills

We provide an individualized program of coaching for students, based on identified needs and weaknesses.  We meet with parents and students for an initial session, followed by weekly sessions geared to specific goals formed in conjunction with students, for a set period of time.  Progress towards each goal is monitored and then new goals are set.  Students track their progress and receive text-message reminders, while parents can receive email up-dates as well.


Family Advocacy

At your request, we will help you prepare for and/or attend school meetings to help you navigate the maze of our modern school system.  We are able to attend 504 and IEP meetings, discipline meetings, Intervention meetings, etc.   We believe in providing advocacy which empowers the parents to work as partners with the school in order to ensure the best possible plan of support for your child.  Further, if we also work as a coach with your child, we will communicate frequently with teachers to strengthen your student's success in the classroom.


Specialized Academic Tutoring

Our staff members are commited to helping students improve their academic performance.  Our coaches/teachers have expertise in multiple academic areas and experience with students from all levels of education, from elementary grades through high school.


EIL coaches/teachers are well versed in the Common Core Standards designed for Reading, Writing, and Math adopted by the state of Colorado, as well as the Colorado READ Act, enacted in 2013.  Our coaches are also familiar with and often have relationships with your students' district and schools.  

Support for families with children learning remotely at home 
The change from live to remote learning has put a toll on many families and students.  We are here to help.  We offer customized services to support you and your students' needs.  

Transition Coaching

We meet with parents and students for an initial session to set goals for the student's transition into middle school or high school   (For the transition into college, the planning session is done without parents.)  We then set an individualized coaching plan for helping students prepare for and move successfully through the transition.  This can include college planning, resume building, test prep, college essay writing support, etc.  


Transition Workshops 

We provide workshops to help students approach their transition into middle school (Start Smart)  and high school (Take Charge).  

Summer Camps 

We often offer camps each summer, designed to meet needs shared with us by parents, students, and our schools.   


Call us to find out how we can meet your unique needs:  970-210-9271


  • Our daughter was "postively sinking before you helped her get organized. . . . She is transforming into more of the cheerful child that she once was (pre-homework trauma).  She will be unstoppable if she can master the skills you are developing with her."    L. Haderlie, parent of 10th grade student

  • "My child is so much more confident since she's been working with her coach at Essentials in Learning.  What a difference ten sessions has made!"  Parent of 2nd grade student

  • "Very worthwhile. I'm so glad we heard about you."   Parent

  • "After ten sessions my child's confidence improved noticeably."    Parent

  • "I can see T's confidence soaring!  She has never been this excited to learn!  You are making such a big difference in her life, not just in academics but in her self-esteem, too."  L. Mendenhall, parent of 5th grade student

  • "We couldn't be happier with the services you have provided."   Parent

  • "My child couldn't have passed without your support."    Parent

  • "We've really seen an improvement, the child is more confident."    Principal