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Cost / Coaching Cycles 

We do not use a “canned” curriculum.  Our highly skilled coaches build a relationship with your child, diagnose what they need, and deliver targeted coaching.

For the price of a weekly family dinner out, you can give your child skills that will empower them for life.


10-hour Coaching
Cycle - $900*

This is our standard package typically spent in 1 hour per week sessions. We feel that 10 hours with a highly trained coach allows time for the relationship to be built, diagnostics to happen, and skills and strategies to be taught and practiced.


Custom Package

During your FREE phone consultation, we can customize a coaching cycle that best suits your child's needs.

*Some insurance companies will pay for coaching if your child has an ADHD or other diagnosis. Contact your provider to determine eligibility.

We have payment options!

credit card logos

Choose to pay half at the initial session and half after five hours.

We can customize payments that work for you.

We take cash, check, credit card, and automatic bank transfers (ACH).

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