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We believe that all students have the potential to be successful in school, and through our customized coaching/tutoring, we seek to help them realize that potential. We strive to help all students, but especially those who seek our help due to ADHD, Executive Function  Disorder, and other related issues.


Our goal is to open doors by supporting students as they learn strategies for academic success and independence in the classroom, and to brighten our students' futures by broadening their minds and helping them learn to be successful in school and in life.

Executive Skills Coaching


 During coaching sessions, students will...


  • Effectively learn how to learn

  • Enhance organizational skills

  • Improve time-management

  • Learn to prioritize

  • Break down long term assignments

  • Learn valuable study and test-taking skills

  • Boost confidence

  • Participate actively in learning

  • Self-direct learning

We know that the transition from elementary school to middle school, from middle school to high school, and from high school to college, the workforce, or technical school can be challenging.  We offer personalized coaching to support students through the transition.  

Parent/Guardian Support
& Consulting 


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We know that parenting is the most difficult, challenging, and rewarding role a person can have.  There is so much to do and so little time.  Let us save you time in research and frustration.  We can help you to create systems for your struggling student as well as a plan for working with your child's school in a positive, proactive  way.  We offer personalized consulting sessions to support parents in designing home supports that make a difference for their students and the entire family.  If your child has ADHD, we can help you with designing ways to motivate your child to do his/her "job" at home.

Academic Tutoring

Essentials in Learning teachers are experienced in all areas of learning and use preassessment data to design responsive instruction. EIL teachers specialize in reading, writing,  math, and test taking skills. EIL individualized learning sessions are beneficial for students experiencing difficulties in one or more academic areas and are also helpful to students looking to advance their education.

Who Benefits From Our Services?


If your child finds it challenging to complete homework...

If your child seems disorganized...

If your child is smart, yet consistently fails to earn good grades...

If your child has a learning disability that leads to poor grades...

If your child struggles to complete homework...

If your child wants to get ahead of the rest...

If your child wants to learn how to learn...

If your child wants to maximize what has been learned...


then Essentials in Learning, LLC is the match for you!

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